Our Story

Quovant Legal Operations Software

From its modest beginnings in 1992 in Brentwood, Tennessee as an auditing service for large corporate legal departments, Quovant (formerly known as LegalBill) quickly grew into an analysis and information leader helping Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations control and manage outside legal costs, while concurrently assisting law firms with billing efficiency, profitability and best practice management.

Our continued success is a result of Quovant’s commitment to three core values – Professionalism, Objectivity, and Consistency – our cornerstones of long-lasting and trusted relationships. These principles, along with client confidentiality and secure transmission and storage of all data, guarantee that trust will not be compromised.

We believe business is about relationships. So first, we listen. It’s essential that we understand our clients’ current issues so that we can develop solutions to meet those challenges. Our relationships between in-house counsel and law firms are further enhanced by integrating our list of “tried and true” best practices that produce cost savings, increase efficiencies and profitability, and allows for long-term strategic planning.

Today we help some of the world’s most recognized brands, including 10% of the Fortune 100, achieve the smartest legal spend possible through our proven approach, continuum of solutions, comprehensive reporting and intelligent analytics.