Legal Spend Analytics and Matter Management for Any Business

For over 20 years, Quovant has been helping our clients have the smartest legal spend possible through actionable analytics powered by software and delivered by people. Whether you want tools to manage your own legal bill review, or you need experienced legal professionals to monitor billing compliance, review activity, and identify opportunities for efficiencies, Quovant can help.

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Experience. Service. Real Results.

Hundreds of legal professionals, risk managers, and corporate executives across the globe trust Quovant to handle legal spend and matter management. Our U.S-based team of lawyers and paralegals works closely with our clients’ risk and legal teams to identify savings, ensure billing compliance, and identify opportunities through actionable analytics.


Invoices reviewed since we’ve been in business.

8 – 12%

Average annual savings identified in the first two years.


Delivering real ROI in legal spend management.

So how do we do it?

Managed Services

Our full-service team of experienced lawyers and paralegals gets you out of the Legal Spend Analysis business. We administer your programs, manage your legal spend, ensure compliance with billing rules, review your invoices line by line, and provide in-depth reporting and intelligence. It’s white-gloved service that lets you focus on your business.

  • Proprietary Activity Codes
  • Customized Billing Compliance Rules
  • Extensive Panel of Law Firms
  • Experienced Staff
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Claims Data Targeting
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Our cloud-based, easy to use, configurable, legal spend and matter management software. LegalBill empowers you to review your legal invoices quickly with billing compliance automation and matter management, saving you time and money over your current solutions.

  • Matter Management
  • Invoice Review
  • Spend Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Customizable Rules
  • Configurable Workflows
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