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Leverage technology to optimize your legal operations.

“We worked successfully with Quovant for more than 15 years. Quovant has not only helped us to lower our external legal spend – we also gained a detailed overview over the Group wide legal spend. Without Quovant we could not have reached the transparency we need to effectively steer our group’s wide legal spend in all countries we do business in.”
– A Top European Airline

Major Airline

Quovant provides Legal Ops with the ability to…


Bring Efficiency to Legal Operations

Optimize the team’s time spent on matter management, eBilling, invoice review, vendor management, and more.

Surprise Fees

Protect Against Surprise Fees and Expenses

See every dollar of your legal spend so that you can reduce annual costs by at least 15%.


Pinpoint Your Top Performing Firms

Get data on performance to guide you as to which relationships to expand.

Better Insights

Understand Your Legal Spend and Performance and Compare to Others

When all your firms’ data and invoices are in one convenient place, you get a complete picture of what you’re spending and how well you’re spending it.


Learn How Outside Counsel Firms are Performing

Assess your leading firms using our proven, proprietary scorecard and even benchmark your rates and performance against your peers.

Budget Compliance

Enhance Budget Accuracy Through Better Compliance

Manage individual matters and hold firms accountable.

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