Gain complete visibility and control over legal spend

Get the market performance data you need so you can manage your legal spend without the tedious demands of bill review.

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“Quovant helped us transform our Legal and Risk Management departments, turning thousands of paper invoices into a streamlined, automated system. Our attorneys and claims managers now have immediate access to review outside counsel’s invoices, are assisted in reviewing those invoices through Quovant’s initial reviews, our payment cycle has sped up, and the analytics have helped leadership identify substantive areas where we can seek savings and improvement.”
– A Multi-State Healthcare System

Quovant provides General Counsel with the ability to…


Right Task Your Team

Manual bill review is a drain on your time. We provide convenient visibility into the status of your outside counsel  accounts so that you can spend your time on higher value tasks.

Managing Expenses

Avoid Unnecessary and Incorrect Fees and Expenses

See every dollar of your legal spend and avoid overspending and other surprises through a centralized view of all invoices.

Reward Performers

Identify and Reward Your Best Firms

View analytics to identify your top-performing firms so that you can invest more in the relationships that are adding the most value to the business.

Complete Visibility into Spend and Performance

Control your spend from a complete picture of what is being spent and how.


Optimize Your Budget Through Better Compliance

Billing guideline compliance is confirmed and firms are held accountable.

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