A more modern and efficient Matter and Invoice Management Platform.

Why LegalBill

LegalBill empowers managers in any business to improve their legal invoice review process. Intuitive, configurable, and adaptable, LegalBill’s automated compliance review engine and clean design meet your demand for ease of use, intuitive legal spend analytics, and easy deployment.

Matter Management

LegalBill’s matter management module makes it easy to centralize your matter data and workflow and collaborate with your legal team to create, track, and manage your matters, budgets, and documentation.

Invoice Review

LegalBill provides a strong invoice review process powered by customizable rules and workflow engine that empowers your team to quickly and efficiently review your legal invoices.


LegalBill allows the client to configure a simple or complex invoice review workflow routing by practice area, matter type, currency, amount of invoice or fee types and assign to users or groups.

Customizable Rules Engine

LegalBill has a customizable rules engine with a robust offering of out-of-the-box rules. The rules engine reviews each invoice line and automatically warns, adjusts, or rejects items and tasks according to your billing guidelines, saving you time and money.

Customizable Reporting and Analytics

LegalBill combines pre-configured reports, graphs, and charts with the ability for users to quickly and easily generate analysis for themselves using their own custom parameters from matters, invoices, and contacts.

Spend Management

LegalBill helps you reduce costs by collecting spend information from outside counsel invoices, automates the cumbersome invoice audit and review process, and gives actionable analytics that support management of matters at individual and aggregated levels.

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