Legal Spend Audits

Better Understand Your Law Firm Effectiveness and Efficiency

Quovant Legal Operations Software

New to your role in legal or risk? Unsure if your law firms are performing optimally?

Quovant can apply its proven, 20+ year legal bill review approach to help identify a baseline understanding of your outside counsel activities and the savings that could have been realized from the application of best practices billing guidelines.

Some of the world’s most recognized brands, including 10% of the Fortune 100, trust Quovant. Our Nashville-based team of lawyers, compliance analysts and business intelligence professionals will work with you and your team to develop an audit scope and plan that includes a review and analysis of law firm invoices for a specified time period.

Our audits take into account industry standards, established legal precedent, ethical rules of professional responsibility, and any applicable legal billing guidelines. Through our proven approach, we’ll help you uncover actionable insights and analytics that lead to better business decisions, operational efficiencies and identified cost savings.

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